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Certificate Request Verification Technical support: 040-67607600 Resend Domain Control Email
Domain ownership
Verify that you have control of this domain. Less info

Use unique ID ijpsngko8fckos8g5vr8t2j2qr to make one of these updates:

1. If you are able to store a web page in the highest-level directory of the website for the common name you’re using, you can use the Domain Website Control validation process.
2. If you are able to make Domain Name Zone changes, you can use the Domain Zone Control validation process.

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Note: We check every 15 minutes for your update. Once we see it, this step is complete.

Check your Email
We sent an email to with further instructions on 9/12/2018 at 10:08 am, MST. Less info
Dear Secure Certificate Customer,

Your digital certificate request was chosen for additional review and documentation because your common name, website, or company name contains a word or words used commonly by illegal internet phishing scams.

Please send us documentation that supports your legal use of the term: [Google]

If you have a registered company who’s name includes the term above, please send a copy of the registration document.

If you are working on behalf of a registered company or using a protected trade name or brand or company name, you will need to have them send us a formal letter on their printed letterhead that specifically authorizes you to use their protected word(s) for a domain name or Organization name.

Once we have received the documentation, we will call the signer and or company to validate its authenticity.

Please respond within 24 hours to avoid denial of your certificate request.

Use the following URL to securely upload the requested documents:

Secure Certificate Services

Upload Documentation
If we need this, we’ll let you know. More info
Certificate Details
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Pending Verification ()
Domain name
Encryption Strength GoDaddy SHA-2
Validity Period Pending
Serial Number Pending
Hosting Yes

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